I have a product that needs registration with Health Canada.

Confused about how your product is regulated in Canada? The very first stage of any product registration project with DSA is an assessment to determine how your product will be regulated in Canada. Whether your product is a drug, medical device, natural health product or cosmetic, DSA can help you navigate the best regulatory path for your product.

I want to sell my product in Canada. Do I need an importation license?

Not sure if you need a license to import a drug, medical device or natural health product? Call us and we can help cut through the regulatory red tape. If licenses are required, we can prepare and file your application. If your license is conditional on an inspection; we’ll make sure you are ready to be rated as compliant by Health Canada.

I need help with GMP Compliance. How do I get started?

Facing an inspection by Health Canada and not sure what needs to be done? DSA Consultants are experts in ensuring that clients receive “Compliant” ratings. Whether you are unsure of the requirements or looking for specific help with GMP, Establishment Licenses, Quality Control Services, SOPs, GMP training, Mapping & Validation or GMP audits; DSA can help.


Regulatory Requirements for Marketing A Therapeutic Product In Canada

What our clients are saying about us…

“I feel better knowing that we can rely on the experts at DSA to help us address technical issues and product complaints. Our clients hire us because we are experts in marketing. We hire you because you’re the experts at GMP.”
Ron, Principal
“Thank you for helping us with our Master Validation Plan. We had no idea where to start or what Health Canada wanted to see. We only wish that we had found DSA before we drafted our own SOP manual. You would have saved us from many comments on our inspection report.”
Dorothy, Quality Manager
“I’m so glad we found DSA. Thank you for your prompt handling of our client’s cosmetic registration. We will certainly be outsourcing more work to you in the future.”
Jeanette, Lawyer
“Outsourcing our APQRs to DSA has really assisted us with our compliance issues. It helps to have a “fresh” set of eyes audit our documentation.”
Karen, Quality Manager
“It has been great working with your team on this project. You’ve given us binders of evidence to show clients that we run a state-of-the-art warehouse. It’s a great feeling to know that we can welcome any client auditor into our building and not have to fear the “validation” question.”
Bill, Warehouse Manager
“Thank you for bringing a “fresh” approach to our GMP training. We look forward to attending more courses from DSA.”
Robert, President
“Thank you for the work on our procedures and helping us get our MDEL. Great Work!”
Michel, VP Client Solutions
“Thank you for your many years of service and support. Our success in Canada is largely due to your efforts. You’ve streamlined the regulatory process for us and helped us obtain timely approvals. We rely on DSA for our Canadian compliance needs.”
Bob, Compliance Manager
“Thank you for all your efforts in helping us obtain our MDEL.”
Susan, Operations Director
“Good to know we can rely on you folks for walking us through the QAR process. It’s nice to have your hand held by an expert in NHPs.”
Rick, President
“Thank you for releasing the product so expeditiously. We appreciate you rushing this through for us.”
Taylor, Account Representative