Why Choose DSA Consultants?

Choosing the right strategic partners to work with is vital to the smooth operation and success of your business. YOUR success is based on knowing your industry, your customers, and how to meet their specific needs. This is what you and your team do best. This is your specialty. OUR specialty and focus is on taking care of client regulatory and quality requirements. That is what we do best and we’ve been doing it well for over 25 years. That’s why, when you choose DSA Consultants you get a team of dedicated professionals that work with you to meet all your regulatory and quality needs for marketing a healthcare product in Canada.

“The Health Canada regulatory process can seem like a maze whether your company is a multinational with extensive regulatory experience or newly emerging in the marketplace. DSA navigates you through this maze by providing tailor made services to meet any client specific need in Regulatory or Quality Affairs.”

Business PeopleOur Regulatory Consultants and our Quality Consultants have a wide range of experience based on working daily to address industry requirements.

Our Consulting Team is responsive to your unique demands and will custom-tailor a service solution that has the flexibility to meet your needs and budget. We are consultants – plain and simple. All we do is provide consulting solutions to our clients; we are not distracted by other business interests for which “consulting” is a sideline.

Our Consulting Team can provide you with full-time, part-time, or as needed expertise and assistance for a wide range of regulatory, GMP or establishment licensing projects.

We offer an independent perspective and an unbiased solution to the specific needs of your business. We have a team of regulatory and quality consultants available to service your needs. We believe that our consultants should be “specialists” with specific expertise in their area and not “generalists” with limited expertise in a wide range of areas. Your projects are always handled by an expert in their field.

You need a consultant who cares about YOUR business. At DSA, our team of regulatory and quality consulting professionals are always vested in YOUR success. We look forward to meeting you and finding out how DSA can be of service to you.

We have a vested interest in YOUR success.

DSA Consultants is a company that has grown through the growth and expansion of our clients and through the success of our business partners. We’ve recruited the best and the brightest in industry and asked them to join our team of consulting specialists. Our team is committed to your success and work hard to obtain your regulatory approvals and help you obtain “compliance” ratings from Health Canada. We measure our success by YOUR success.


Contact us to find out more about our regulatory consulting services or download a free copy of our DSA Whitepaper on marketing a health care product in Canada.

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