10 Reasons To Select DSA

  1. Business FemaleDSA advocates a “specialist” vs. “generalist” philosophy. You always have an EXPERT handling your account and not a jack-of-all trades.
  2. DSA has a solid reputation in the pharmaceutical industry and have passed the test of time. DSA has been in business for over 25 years.
  3. DSA has extensive contacts within Health Canada. When needed, we leverage our contacts to the benefit of our clients.
  4. DSA offers a team-based approach. Even if your lead consultant is away from the office for any reason; another qualified team member is available to provide their consulting expertise.
  5. DSA’s main focus is consulting. That is all we do, and we do it well. We’re not distracted with other business activities for which consulting is a sideline.
  6. DSA believes in leveraging our strengths. We consult because it’s what we are good at it. We let the test labs do the testing and the warehouses do the warehousing.
  7. DSA believes that you need education and experience in order to be qualified to work for us as a consultant. We don’t hire recent graduates or take on co-op students as consultants. You pay us for our expertise, and we make sure that our staff has the required education and experience in order to work as a consultant for DSA.
  8. We don’t offer trademarked consulting solutions or one shoe-fits-all approaches. Every client project is unique in its own right and we develop a consulting solution that fits your needs.
  9. DSA doesn’t have or need a host of sub-contractors to portray the illusion of a team. We employ all of our staff directly, so you have the comfort of knowing you are dealing with an “employee” of our firm and a team that is always available to meet your needs. Our Consultants are employed by our firm on a full-time basis. “Consulting” is not a part-time endeavor to keep active after retirement or while looking for a full-time job elsewhere.
  10. You won’t find anywhere, a consulting team who will work as hard as we do to manage your account and further your business interests. We are dedicated to your growth and your success. It’s been the secret to our success for over 25 years.


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