Why Should You Hire DSA And Not One Of Its Competitors?

Not all consulting groups are created equally. You need to interview each group to find out what you are getting. Off-the-shelf or packaged consulting solutions are usually just shortcuts which end up costing you time and money by forcing you to buy a “standard product” that likely doesn’t meet your needs.

Some questions to ask:Business People

  • How experienced is the consultant assigned to my account?
  • Is the consultant assigned to my account an “expert” in the area that is applicable to my project?
  • Does the firm just do consulting or is consulting a side-line to one or more other businesses?
  • Does the firm outsource?
  • Does the consultant work in an environment which protects the security and integrity of my confidential documentation? Or do the consultants work from their homes?
  • Are the consultants “employees” or “sub-contractors”?
  • Is there a team-based approach? Is another EXPERT always available to handle my account or project while my lead consultant is away from the office?


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