Natural Health Products

DSA Consultants successfully achieves regulatory approvals from the Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD) and helps our clients obtain Natural Product Numbers (NPNs) and Site Licenses (SL). We prepare a full range of regulatory submissions to NHPD and provide quality consulting solutions for natural health products.

“In our pursuit of offering our clients the easiest path to NHP compliance, we have found none better than DSA. If you have further need of Canadian NHP, DIN, or Cosmetics compliance work I would encourage you to contact DSA Consultants.” – Brian, Business Owner

NHP Product Registration Submissions

One of DSA’s NHP Consultants will review your proposed labelling and formulation to determine if your product meets the definition of a natural health product. Some products which appear to be natural health products, are really classified as drugs or cosmetics, so it is important to have a trained regulatory professional review your labelling and formulation to ensure your product is properly classified.

Natural ProductsAll products regulated as natural health products must be registered, labelled, and sold in accordance with the NHP regulations.

DSA can prepare a full range of NHP submissions including:

  • Traditional Herbal Medicines
  • Homeopathic Products
  • Compendial Submissions
  • Non-Compendial Submissions
  • Product License Amendments
  • Product License Notifications

One of the advantages of using a full-service NHP consulting firm like DSA Consultants is that we offer the experience of both Regulatory Consultants and Quality Consultants to lend their expertise to the NHP submission process. One of the key differences between NHP Submissions and OTC drug submissions, is that NHPD is involved in the process of reviewing and approving your finished product specifications. Failure to comply with NHPD requirements for finished product testing can result in costly delays with the submission approval timelines, if reductions in testing are not scientifically justified. This is why at DSA, we involve our Quality Consultants in the submission process to help justify testing reductions and mitigate NHPD questions or concerns before they are even raised. DSA does not operate an in-house test laboratory nor do we derive any revenue or commissions from testing labs. Therefore, we are always working in the best interests of our clients to obtain NHPD approval on reduced testing specifications.


Contact us to find out more about our regulatory consulting services or download a free copy of our DSA Whitepaper on marketing a health care product in Canada.

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