In the December 2015 update to the Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist, a restriction was added to the Methylisothiazolinone/Methylchloroisothiazolinone (MI/MCI) entry. MI/MCI when used in combination is a prohibited substance in leave-on cosmetic products. An implementation of six months was given from the date the change was published in the Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist for companies to comply.

In an Industry update issued April 18, 2016, it is Health Canada’s expectation that companies must stop manufacturing and distribution of affected products by June 30, 2016. However companies can continue to sell affected products at retail level until December 31, 2016 as long as a Compliance Action Plan is submitted to Health Canada.

After December 31, 2016 all affected products must be removed off the shelves.

The preservative, MI/MCI in combination, can still be used in rinse-off products, such as shampoos and shower gels to a maximum concentration of 0.0015% or 15 ppm.